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  • Greg Greene

Who controls the roads in Boone County? How do I report issues?

A common misconception in Boone County is that one single municipality or county government controls the roads and infrastructure in Boone County. The reality is the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Boone County, and one of our three cities all have jurisdiction and governance depending on the type and location of each road.

In the video above, Jesse walks through the differences and the resources available to report any issues. He also provides guidance on which level of government you need to petition to make changes, repairs, new road ideas, etc.

Below are some resources that Commissioner Brewer cites in the above video.

State Roads: 1-800-PatchIt or visit

Kentucky Legislative Hotline: 1-800-372-7181

Boone County Public Works: (859) 334-3600

Florence: (859) 647-5416

Walton: (859) 485-4383

Union: (859) 384-1511

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