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"Progress is not inevitable. It is up to us to create it."

Like many of you, I have been a resident of Boone County nearly my entire life.  Over the years, I have seen Boone County transform into one of the leading economic engines for the Commonwealth.  While growth is exciting, it isn't without its challenges. 

I sought election four years ago to make a meaningful difference in Boone County.  Creating economic opportunity for all residents, while protecting what makes Boone County the greatest place to live in the United States. 

Defend the Taxpayers of Boone County

Jesse Brewer will continue to protect Boone County taxpayers from excessive spending and government waste.  During his last term, Jesse was instrumental in lowering property and insurance tax rates.  As a successful business owner, Jesse brings the same expense discipline to Fiscal Court. 

Easing traffic congestion

Boone County's record economic growth isn't without its challenges.  Even though many roads in Boone County are state-controlled roads, Jesse established Boone County's first infrastructure fund designed to provide the local match for state and federal projects as well as improvements to county roads. This ensures that our infrastructure projects are considered "shovel ready" and prioritized by the state and federal governments. 

Generating high-paying jobs for Boone County

Through the continued support of infrastructure improvement, lower tax rates, friendly business regulations, and our high quality of life, Jesse will continue to make Boone County a fertile place for business to thrive and grow - creating economic opportunity for all citizens. 

Protect Boone County's way of life from "woke" liberals. 

Whether it's establishing Boone County as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary or protecting the rights and lives of the unborn, Jesse will continue to fight the liberal agenda of "cancel culture elites" on both the west and east coast.  Our  Judeo-Christian values are the moral fiber of our great country and Jesse will do everything he can to protect our way of life. 

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